How Accurate Is A Sibling DNA Test?

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December 20, 2021
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January 6, 2022
Sibling DNA test

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A sibling test is one of the best DNA testing ways when a biological father and/or his biological parents are not available to be tested. If two supposed siblings have the same father and have different mothers. A Sibling DNA test is a good choice to perform to detect a relationship between the two stated siblings.

Sibling DNA test

Accuracy of Sibling DNA Test

The accuracy of a sibling DNA test is strong but performing a paternity/maternity test would be a great option to determine a relationship between siblings.

How long does a Sibling DNA test take?

Sibling DNA Test takes 2-3 business days from the date on which the DNA test lab receives all of your DNA samples.

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Below are some most common reasons why people perform a Siblingship test:

Sibling DNA test

  1. Immigration – Sometimes a sibling may request for another sibling to get a Visa and Immigration may propose and recommend additional evidence when the common parents are distant and unavailable to be tested.
  2. Estate Issues – When a common parent is expired and an unidentified child comes into the picture. In order to settle the estate issue, the lawyers may recommend sibling DNA testing to prove and confirm biological siblingship.
  3. Adoption – Sometimes a child who has been adopted at a very young age wants to know more about their biological family lineage. They may find a possible sibling through research. These people usually get a sibling DNA test to gain closure.


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