How to collect DNA samples from donors makes it difficult to obtain.

DNA Testing
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January 17, 2022
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DNA testing

In today’s world where DNA testing is becoming more and more common new ways of collecting Legal DNA Testing samples are being introduced in society. DNA testing that was done from blood or tissue samples previously is now being carried out by a simple and easy to acquire sample that is saliva. Along with the fact that saliva as a DNA sample is as good as a blood sample, collecting sample is even more easily without any harm or break in the skin.

DNA testing
Although collecting saliva samples is a piece of cake some donors might make it difficult for you to do so. For example- children and infants. Collecting saliva samples for DNA testing is a task on its own when it comes to infants because infants’ mouths are usually dehydrated.

How to collect samples from infants:
Two methods were introduced to collect the sample from the infan
ts. These devices were made so that a parent or guardian can hold them to reduce the risk of the device choking the infant.

1. By using braided cotton dental rope

2. By using a sorbet- in this, a small arrowhead-shaped sponge is attached to a plastic shaft to collect the sample.

DNA testing

Then the samples are centrifuged, dried, and weighed to determine the saliva flow rate during the collection period.

It might be difficult to collect samples from infants but with the right tools, it can be done without sacrificing the quality of the sample.

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