Advantages of targeted exome sequencing in contrast to whole-genome/exome sequencing?

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January 21, 2022
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First, we need need to know what is whole genome sequencing and targetted exome sequencing.

Whole-genome sequencing- as we all know our genome is made up of DNA which is further composed of bases. In whole-genome sequencing, the sequence of these base pairs is identified which is also known as DNA fingerprint. In whole-genome sequencing, the order of the bases in a genome is identified in one process.

Exome sequencing

Targeted exome sequencing- is a way to detect known and common as well as rare genetic variants in selected genomic regions or sets of genes. This process is fast and cost-effective and can be done by using various DNA sequencing methods depending on the need.

Advantages of targeted sequencing analysis:

  • It can identify the genes and variants that are previously identified in the genomic regions.
  • In clinical diagnosis, targeted sequencing can be used more efficiently to find the gene or the causal variants of the disease.
  • It has a simple procedure of library preparation

Exome sequencing

  • It has a short running time
  • It can give a highly accurate result
  • Targeted sequencing uses deep sequencing to identify the novel variants and known variants.
  • This technique requires less sample input and produces less data which makes the interpretation of results manageable and easier.





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