Upsides and Downsides of Genetic testing

Genetic testing
Genetic testing to check for breast and ovarian cancer
February 9, 2022
congenital malformations
Prenatal test for congenital malformations
February 18, 2022

DNA testing, often known as genetic testing, is used to rule out or confirm suspected genetic disorders, as well as determine a person’s risk of getting or passing down a genetic disorder and trace their lineage. The benefits and drawbacks of DNA testing will be discussed in this list.

Benefits of genetic testing

Genetic testing

  • Disease Diagnosis

The capacity to check for risks and hereditary illnesses is a significant benefit of DNA testing. People who want to start a family can be tested to see if they have the genes that cause specific diseases that are passed down through their families.

  • Illness Treatment

Knowing if you have a genetic variant could help you choose the right treatment. The appropriate DNA test for the right person could reveal information that allows a specialist to suggest an alternative treatment option.

  • Identification at the crime scene

When a suspect leaves DNA evidence at a crime scene, he or she can be identified by DNA testing. Because each person’s DNA is unique, the chances of making a mistake are exceedingly slim. As a result, DNA testing outperforms other techniques of identification, such as fingerprints.

Genetic testing

Drawbacks of genetic testing

  • Increased stress level.

A positive test might create stress unnecessarily, just as information can reduce stress if it comes back negative.

  • Genetic Purgatory

“Genetic purgatory” can also occur. You can have a gene that’s been diagnosed as a “variant of unknown significance,” or VUS, leading to mental distress or, even worse, needless medical procedures.

  • Cost

Even though the cost of genetic sequencing has gradually decreased, the National Human Genome Research Institute expects that it will cost roughly $1,000. Health insurance coverage varies as well, depending on the test, and can include partial or whole coverage.

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