How accurate are the sibling DNA tests?

Prenatal Diagnosis
Prenatal Diagnosis
February 22, 2022
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Karyotype genetic testing
March 11, 2022

In the absence of parents, the sibling DNA test is the best way to determine whether the two alleged individuals share the same parents and are biologically related or not.

This test compares one person’s genetic material (DNA) to that of another to evaluate the possibility that they are biologically linked as siblings. Sibling tests are typically used to determine paternity—whether or not two people have the same biological father.

Sibling DNA Test

Accuracy of sibling DNA test

Sibling DNA tests are known to achieve conclusive DNA results and are over 96% of the cases are accurate. And if any of the two parents are available for the test the accuracy of the test increases.

The most common reason people perform this test is for immigration, inheritance, and adoption reasons, but with the increase in popularity of DNA tests, some also take this test for fun.

There are three types of Affordable sibling DNA tests that are available to people:

  • Half-sibling vs. full sibling

This test is done to determine whether two people share both or just one parent.

  • Half sibling vs. unrelated

This test is done to determine if two people have one parent in common.

  • Full sibling vs unrelated

This test is done to determine if two people have both parents in common or if they are unrelated.

Sibling DNA Test

There are many direct-to-consumer DNA test kits out there that can provide very conclusive and affordable sibling DNA tests. These companies provide the results of the test within 2-3 business days from the day they receive the DNA samples.

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