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Karyotype genetic testing

You might’ve come across the term karyotype genetic testing if you are searching for a suitable DNA test for prenatal diagnosis. But if you want to understand this test more clearly keep reading this post.

Karyotype genetic testing

What is Karyotype genetic testing?

This test observes the chromosomes of an individual. It focuses on the shape, size, and number of the chromosomes to look for any kind of defects in the chromosomes.

Defects in chromosomes can cause various defects in an individual like Down’s syndrome or Patau’s syndrome. So this test is used to look at those defects.

Uses of these tests

  • To check genetic defects in the unborn baby.
  • Diagnose genetic tests in a young child.
  • Some chromosomes cause miscarriage and problems in pregnancy so this can be used to detect those chromosomes also.
  • To check if chromosomes were responsible for the stillborn baby.
  • To check for chromosomes that might get inherited by your offspring.
  • To diagnose and make a treatment plan for a certain type of blood disorder.

Karyotype genetic testing

Who might need this test?

  • Pregnant women who have a previous family history of genetic disorders.
  • Pregnant women who are above the age of 30-35 years are more prone to giving birth to a child with genetic disorders.
  • Young babies if they show signs of genetic disorders.
  • If the woman is facing trouble conceiving and has had several miscarriages. Although one miscarriage is not uncommon having several miscarriages might be caused by chromosomal defects.
  • If you show symptoms or have been diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma you should consider this test.


How does it work?

Like normal DNA testing, this test can be done by using a blood test or it can be done by prenatal DNA testing methods like amniocentesis DNA test or CVS DNA test.

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