Why genetic testing before pregnancy is important?

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Genetic testing is something women don’t even think about until in the later stages of pregnancy. It’s surprising that even though more than 100 recessive genetic diseases can be detected by genetic testing women are not aware of it and are not offered genetic screening.

DNA testing tells the women if there is any possibility of their child acquiring genetic syndrome and it can help them take further steps. It also helps to make preparations in advance to help manage any situation in the future. But once a woman is pregnant it’s too late to do anything about it.

Many medical providers feel that preconception is the ideal time to get a screening test to check whether you are a carrier of a disease or not .

Genetic Testing

Once you have the result in your hand and it seems like there are chances of you passing down a disorder to your child you can look for other safer options like IVF or prepare in advance for high-risk pregnancy to minimize the complications.

But by not taking a DNA test you lock the risk that could have been avoided or treated because after conceiving the options are very limited. The devastating feeling of a mother finding out that their child might suffer from a disorder for their whole life is unfathomable.

That’s why every woman needs to get a genetic test done to avoid such an outcome or at least be mentally prepared. Especially those women who or above the age of 30-35 yrs or have a family history of a genetic disorder


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