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Many doctors recommend a CVS DNA test if non-invasive screening shows the possibility of genetic defects in the baby. But after reading the potential side effects of CVS many mothers back out of the test. Miscarriage is the most dangerous risk.  That’s why to give you more insight into the topic this post will cover the risks and benefits of CVS DNA testing.

What are the benefits of the CVS DNA test?

CVS or Chorionic villus sampling is a genetic test that helps to detect various genetic diseases in the baby.  This test gives you important information to make a future decision and to prepare the future requirements in advance.


Some of the defects CVS DNA testing can check for include:

Down Syndrome

Tay-Sachs disease

Sick-cell anemia

Cystic fibrosis

What is the procedure for obtaining a chorionic villus sample?

In the CVS DNA test, the doctor will take tiny pieces of the placenta. The doctor takes placenta because it is an organ that serves the purpose of providing nutrients and minerals from the mother’s body to the baby.

The cells that the doctor obtain are chronic villi as the name suggests. These cells are good for testing because they form along with the fertilized egg and contains the same DNA as the baby.

Who might need to get a Prenatal DNA test?

Because of the following conditions, a mother might need to get a prenatal test:

Mother’s who already have a child with the genetic condition.

Mother’s over the age of 30-35 years.

Mothers with a faulty Screening test report.

And mothers with a family history of genetic diseases.


Why CVS is a dangerous procedure?

Doctors advise CVS tests and amniocentesis only if one or multiple conditions from the above apply to the mothers because many risks come with this testing.

What are the risks of CVS DNA testing?

Three major risks that come with CVS DNA testing are the following:

Miscarriage – the chances of miscarriage are about 300-500.


Limb deformity in the child due to CVS testing procedure.

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