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June 21, 2022
Y-Chromosome DNA
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July 12, 2022

Do you need a DNA test for your case? Or do you want to know the different types of relationship court-admissible DNA tests that the Face DNA test provides? A Court Admissible Test necessitates the use of a sample collection kit and the collection of DNA samples by an unrelated third party with no stake in the outcome of the test.

Face DNA test is an AABB Accredited lab that can assist you with the procedure. Our facility provides four types of Legal DNA testing.

Paternity Test

A paternity DNA test can help to determine the probability that a male is the child’s biological father. This test needs the presence of the child, the alleged father, and the mother. Our experts suggest obtaining a sample from her too to get more accurate results.

Prenatal Paternity DNA test

If you need a paternity test before birth, the Face DNA test can offer both amniocentesis and CVS DNA testing. An amniocentesis is a procedure that collects amniotic fluid by inserting a needle into the uterus. CVS (chorionic villus sampling) extracts tissue from the placenta. Both of these need the participation of your Doctor for sampling.

Paternity DNA Test

Twin Zygosity Exam

A Twin Zygosity Test determines whether identical or fraternal twins exist. When a fertilized egg grows and splits into two embryos, identical twins are born. And when two separate eggs fertilize in the womb by two different sperm, fraternal twins are born. They will not share the DNA sequence.

Grandparentage DNA test

You can use a Grandparentage DNA test in case a parent is missing or deceased and both alleged grandparents are available. A child receives half of their DNA from each parent. As a result, they share 25% of their DNA with each biological grandparent. Our experts recommend the presence of the child’s mother to increase the accuracy of the test.

To learn more about the Legal DNA test options visit us. Or you can also explore other services if you’re looking for something like the affordable Office DNA Test Texas has to offer.

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