Forensic uses of Y-Chromosome DNA testing

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July 6, 2022
Y-Chromosome DNA

The Y-chromosome DNA testing of the male has a specific part to it that lets the experts use it for various uses. Especially when it comes to forensic DNA testing, autosomal DNA testing is no longer helpful. A Y fragment helps to determine the gender of the trace donor. It is very useful when both males and females have contributed to the same trace for example in the case of sexual assault.

Y-Chromosome DNA Test

Some of the cases where Y-STR is useful in a crime scene are the following:

  • Filter down the male suspect list and exclude the male suspects from involvement in the crime.
  • Determine the paternal lineage of the male criminals
  • Identifying multiple male suspects based on the evidence available at the crime scene.
  • Give a lead for finding the unknown male suspects present at the crime site.
  • Identification of victims of natural disasters and other tragedies in case the person is unidentifiable from the appearance alone.
  • Other than that Y-STR haplotyping can also help in cases that include property disputes and another type of paternal paternity DNA testing.
  • You can use Y-STR DNA testing in cases like missing persons also.

Y-Chromosome DNA Testing

The main reason for using Y-STR DNA testing is the lack of information based on autosomal DNA testing alone. And especially at crime scenes where finding a pure and unadulterated DNA sample is like finding a needle in a haystack. In such cases, the test that can specify at least the gender of the people present at the crime scene helps a lot.

How FACE DNA test can help?

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