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Forensic uses of Y-Chromosome DNA testing

The Y-chromosome DNA testing of the male has a specific part to it that lets the experts use it for various uses. Especially when it comes […]

4 different types of Court Admissible DNA Test

Do you need a DNA test for your case? Or do you want to know the different types of relationship court-admissible DNA tests that the Face […]

Is the CVS DNA test safe for my child?

Many doctors recommend a CVS DNA test if non-invasive screening shows the possibility of genetic defects in the baby. But after reading the potential side effects […]

Are You An Autosomal Dominant Carrier?

Autosomal DNA Test Autosomal dominant inheritance is one of the simplest models for genetic counseling in theory. But it is one of the most problematic topics […]

Why genetic DNA tests are important.

Since DNA contains all our critical genetic information, it offers a treasure of useful information. Information about our health, genetic disposition, and more. A DNA sample […]

How are epigenetics and our genome connected?

Epigenetics, also known as gene expression, is the process of uncoiling and recoiling genes. For a better understanding, when you stretch a genome, it’s comes to […]

Mistakes to avoid during an immigration DNA test

If you are looking for fast immigration DNA test results to move on to the next step in immigration, these are the few mistakes you need […]

DNA as your guide to the diet chart

What exactly is a genetic diet? Your DNA (genome/genetics) determines a genetic diet. Because this diet is based on your DNA, it works better for you […]

DNA testing for immigration and family reunification?

During the past decades, the rate of immigration has increased. There was about 47% of the immigrant increase in the US workforce and 70% in immigrants […]