DNA testing for immigration and family reunification?

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May 11, 2022
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During the past decades, the rate of immigration has increased. There was about 47% of the immigrant increase in the US workforce and 70% in immigrants in Europe. One of the main reasons for this sudden increase in immigrants is family reunification. This is the major form of immigration in many countries. But after the increase in immigrants, many countries have released laws on immigration DNA Tests.

Immigration DNA Tests

There are new country laws and policies that apply to family reunification. These new laws are to create balance in the individual right to family life and countries’ right to immigration control.

How DNA testing can help?

In immigration, DNA testing has become a major factor. DNA tests help to determine the biological relationship between individuals. Many laws state the need for documented proof of blood relationships.

To present a DNA test result in a court you need to follow some particular rules such as:

The company or lab you’re getting your DNA test from should have accreditation from regulatory authorities like AABB.

Immigration DNA Tests

Other than that you will also need the supervision of legal authority or a representative during the sample collection.

What is the procedure of DNA testing?

The procedure is simple all you will have to do is submit your and the applicants’ sample. You can provide samples in two forms blood sample or a buccal swab.

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