Forensic Infidelity DNA test

DNA Testing
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January 13, 2022
DNA testing
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January 18, 2022
DNA Testing

Infidelity DNA test uses DNA samples to provide genetic information. This test is very accurate and can detect even very diluted samples of DNA. The DNA test is conducted by a specialist and the analyst uses an autosomal test or multiple gender test on the sample. This test aggregates all the DNA profiles and compares them to find whether the sample contains the DNA sample of male, female, or both.

DNA test
This procedure can be explained in a few steps:

First comes the identification of any human DNA present in the sample.

The DNA found is compared to your DNA that is present in the cotton swab you provided. It can either be used to match your DNA or to Eliminate your DNA from the picture.

IF any DNA profile is found other than yours then a report is generated to indicate whether the DNA belongs to a male or female. Read more:- Who should go for genetic testing during pregnancy?

There are a few types of infidelity DNA tests like

DNA test

1. DNA or semen detection tests- It serves as a way to determine the presence of DNA like semen, saliva, or other bodily fluids in the provided sample.


2. Donor identification- It compares 2 different DNA samples to determine whether they are from the same person or not.

3. Gender profile testing- This method is used to find out whether the given sample is male or female.

All you need for an infidelity DNA test is a personal item that might provide any kind of genetic material, hair strands, and a sample of your own DNA.

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